At DreamKatcher Persians, my most important goal is the prime health and well-being of my cats and kittens. I keep only a small number of breeders so I can provide all the proper love, care, and attention that my Persians need.

I am registered with Cat Fanciers Association. All of my breedings are carefully planned to keep my commitment to breeding quality Persians that are fine examples of the current CFA breed standard.

My cattery is located in Taylorsville, Utah. Our foundation stock are all based out of the world's best possible bloodlines combined. We don't stick to just one line since we believe that the combination of many is needed to achieve the "best"! Our Persians, and Exotics have very large wide eyes with deep coloring, small ears, and cobby bodies. All kittens are healthy and receive their immunizations before they leave my cattery. I don't sell kittens that are less than twelve weeks of age.

From time to time I might have retirees to place in approved homes for the price of spaying/neutering, plus the shipping cost. All of our pets have to be spayed/neutered-there are absolutely no exceptions.

I am very particular where my cat/kittens go. Each one of my cat/kittens is precious to me, whether they are pet quality, breeder, or show. They are all raised with the same love and care.
I hope you enjoy my cattery. Be sure to check back frequently, including our links at the bottom of the page, as we will be updating soon. I will do my best to answer all emails that I receive as quickly as possible.

Thanks for visiting!